a worksheet + giveaway prizes open to all muslim women (sorry bros)

2 benefits---one for you and one for me ---sharing IS CARING

THE BENEFIT FOR YOU: Between all the cooking, mountains of laundry, and studying if you're a student, we rarely take time to think about what we want. This sheet is fun. Some of the questions are ones my paying clients get in their welcome packet...at your fingers fo' free.

After you fill it out, I hope you'll get clear on many things. And if nothing else, you took a couple of minutes in service of you and your future. High five, that's a win!

THE BENEFIT FOR ME: In my coaching business, I create awesome courses, emails and coaching packages for my Muslim sisters. #oneummahonelove This worksheet helps me figure out whatcha achin' for. (i.e what topics you want and need)

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: I'm giving away 3 free one hour sessions to 3 sisters. (current value of 1 session with me is around $200). Everyone who enters gets a goodie in the end. The catch? There's 33 questions. At least, 33 sisters have to fill this out fully. Please share on all your social media networks.

Our conversation has helped SOO much. I made a master cleaning schedule and it turns out I only need to be cleaning about 1 hr per day. My house looks so much better already! .....
I actually enjoy cleaning because I know it will be over so much sooner! Now, I have a lot more time to work on my business. My website is so close to being complete. I will be launching soon iA - remember me in your duas.

Jazakallah so much! Keep doing what you are doing!
— Nazima, sis in my free course + won a free session


1.Why all the 3s? I gave away a free course and it turned into a "thing"....so now, we're celebrating and sharing it with those outside the course too. Enter your email here and you'll be notified of the next free course.

2.What happens after I submit? You get notified to claim your freebie when the giveaway is over and 33 sisters filled this out. The 3 winners will be announced. You automatically get added to my newsletter for wonderful emails (no spam). Unsubscribe any time.

3.What's possible from one session with you, Fatima? Read above what Nazima got out of our one free session. She came up with all the solutions herself.  How? Read about my coaching style here.

Ready? Here's your worksheet.

I am: *
Do you spend freely? Save well? Spend on others but not yourself?
what's the goal you have for ...someday...that makes you smile just thinking about it?
My goal is to make my services available to all my Muslim sisters. Knowing what you can afford will help this.
I believe in having a coach. I have one. My coach has one. No judgement. What's stopping you? Money, time, aliens would come after me:) I'd love to make coaching available to everyone.