Assalam alaykom! I'm Fatima Alshameya, a certified Life, Relationship + Business Coach. A while back, I gave up a life of trying to be perfect. And now I try to live a life that's for the sake of Allah. Giving up caring what other people thought led to some wacky stories and led me here ….to helping Muslimahs have amazing marriages, run successful businesses and achieve their goals--- all while serving Allah. basically for those who want have their cake and eat it too.

At its core, my work is about relationships. Your relationship with your husband (because everyone deserves to be loved deeply for who they are), your relationship with your customers (because people buy your products/services because of their relationship with you/your business), your relationship with yourself (because this is the foundation), and most importantly your relationship with Allah (because that's why we're here to begin with.)

About this website's name:

Back in my college days, I bought a t-shirt at an Islamic conference that had this message printed:

One God. One Ummah. One Love. Today, 16 years later, those words still deeply resonate with naturally, One Muslimah was born. And also, because I believe that One Muslimah can make a huge difference. You. Me. All of us....especially together.

What my work looks like:

Connecting with people heart to heart. No judgement. Letting them be seen, heard and held. No matter what. (because more than anything, that’s what I want for myself too.)
Some sisters come to me for just relationship coaching, for example, they want to:
:::stop arguing with their husbands
:::decide if they should get a divorce or stay
:::want the passion and fun back in their lives as married women

Some sisters come to me for just business coaching, for example, they want to:
:::start their businesses like yesterday and stop procrastinating
:::they want to make more sales (without pressure induced marketing tactics. Yuck!)
:::learn to stop perfectionism and caring what people think
:::set up the right systems so running their business feels less overwhelming

And others come to me for totally different goals......It really doesn't matter because my job is the same: to listen deeply, ask powerful questions, create a plan with you, hold you accountable and celebrate with you on as you make those goals happen (truth be told, this last one is the best part of my job).

I'm certified by two life coaching schools accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation). I attended two schools because I want to offer my clients two different sets of skills. My clients get AMAZING results because I'm a one stop shop.

A bit more personal:

I love tea. Sometimes I get out of bed earlier so I can spend time sipping tea before I start my day. I'm drinking tea now as I'm writing this! I'm married to a ridiculously funny husband. We have two daughters who light up my days.

I'm the Executive Director of an international 100% volunteer Islamic nonprofit organization. I created it 9 years ago and gives me the blessing of working with some amazing sisters. 

At my core, I'm a teacher and an international speaker. I've been teaching for 13 years. Speaking at events for the past 8 years. Some for small gatherings. Others where the audience was so huge, everyone looked like little ants in the crowd.#goodtimes.

I've wanted to be a life coach before I ever knew what life coaching was. I worked at a counseling agency after I graduated college. Though I loved it there was something missing for me & the clients. Six years later, I realized what was missing when I found out  what life coaching is (not to mention 200 jobs and a diverse portfolio later).

I hope that visiting this website feels like having tea with a dear friend—the kind of friend who always greets you with a hug, who always makes you feel comforted, and who gives you that extra boost of encouragement or laughter to get through the rest of your day.

I'm so glad you're here. Feel free to call/contact me, hire me or get on my newsletter. I pray it brings you tons of benefit.

{Note: All of the pictures of me, including the one above, are by the amazingly talented Adeela with Honey and Dates.}