One Step Muslimah

One Step at A Time Muslimah

It's hard.

It's going to take courage.

It's out of your comfort zone.

Do it anyway. Do it for the sake of Allah. ONE STEP AT A TIME...while making dua to Him every.single.step of the way.

Sometimes the road is confusing. We look so far ahead and we're overwhelmed. Too much to do. So little time. We feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. We feel so overwhelmed that we just end up spending most of the day on Facebook or end up taking  a nap.

Have you ever felt like that? I know I have, lots of time. What helps is if I block both far and near futures from my thoughts and ask myself: What's my next immediate small tiny step? Once I know what that step is, I commit to doing it and then ask Allah to take care of the rest until I get there. 

That's it, just one step. Don't worry about the all the steps or the one after this step. Just take the next immediate, simple step in front of you right now.

You've got this. What's your next step?