What's Going On Deeeeeeep Down?

We ask questions all the time.

What we don't do as often is ask ourselves good deep questions.

Why am I mad? What am I really angry about? Why did that comment bother me? What is it I really want? If money wasn't a problem, what would I do?

These questions are not meant to get you to doubt yourself. They are meant to give you information about what's going on inside. This information is the real deal when it comes to communicating clearly.

Sometimes we fight with others for hours never once saying what's really bothering us. We fight about the way he treated you in front of your kids and why he did it and what he should have done and cultural differences and that he is your husband and you should obey........etc, etc, etc, when what you're really mad at is that he disrespected you and that you want it to stop. Never once in that 1 hour fight did you discuss the core of what you want to say:

I'm mad because you disrespected me. Please don't do that again. Here are two suggestions you can try next time instead.

Sometimes we go in circles around the real topic. Normally it's because we have not had practice asking ourselves with good questions. And that's all it is. Practice. Start asking yourself deep questions, eventually you'll figure out exactly what question you need to ask to get to the "juice" of what you need to know.

Good Ol' Fashioned Muslimah Support

Sisterhood and brotherhood.png

the others ache... I started this website because of this feeling that Prophet (saw) described. It hurts for me to think that there are sisters out there

:crying tears because of fights with their husband

:struggling to be good Muslimahs when they are being hit by hardship left and right

:fearing if their children are going to turn out OK because of the bad day (year?) they've had

:feeling empty and wondering if this is as good as it's going to get

:lost with how to be a great entrepreneur and balance everything else

:facing a problem that's breaking them down daily

"Each part gives support to the others." that feels so right. That we support one another. I've needed that support before. I will need it again. Find your sisters. The ones that support you when times are hard. They're out there....probably aching and needing you too.

I hope this website is a part of that support and gives you comfort when you need it.