Listen or Don't. That's not what matters most.

Don't listen to what other people tell you. Or Listen to all of it. But here's the key with either one, do it from a place of slef-empowerment, not fear. A place built on pleasing Allah.

An example from my own life: Let's call it the story of "How I Gave up My Power in Online Business" written by Fatima, yours truly :)

When I created my online business, I was told that: I needed a blog. I should write my emails and posts a certain way. And how often to send emails. Be on every social media outlet. Hustle. Hustle. And Hustle. And lots of other things that didn't feel right.

Why couldn't I sound like myself? Isn't it better to write when have something valuable to say? And why only blog posts, emails and social media?  I'd much rather pick up the phone to do a tele-class or make a mini recorded lesson. After all, as a life coach, on the phone is where my true sparkle shows up. And don't get me started on hustle.

I struggled for a long time reading and listening to everyone else but myself. Basically, I gave up my power and put it in the hands of others.

The Result? I procrastinated. I had a business for almost a year with just a website, no income. When I'd sit at the computer, brain freeze. Eventually something would come out but it fell on deaf ears. My tribe of sisters who I envisioned resonating with me and really benefiting from my work? :::crickets::::

Then I decided one day that I was going to have fun, spread benefit and show up. Maybe I would fail if I didn't apply "the business model". I didn't care. I had failed miserably for almost a year because I failed to do the one thing that mattered: I silenced my voice and gave up my power to others. By taking their model for life and business as my own. When it didn't feel right for me.

That day I decided that I was going to create a business that really felt wonderful. I wanted to connect with people. I wanted whoever came across my work to feel like they were coming to my home and having a cup of tea with me. They'd hear all my corny jokes. We'd enjoy each others' company. And they'd walk away filled with love, motivation and smiles. And if they wanted more, they were welcome to pay for my services.

Why not show up online the way we want to show up in all other parts of my life?

The Result? That day, I got 506 new sisters on my newsletter list for ONE article I wrote on my website. I'd write something else and more sisters would come. My inbox was flooding with emails filled with 'JazakiAllah khier" for what you wrote. Are there things I listen to when it comes to my business? Absolutely.

But here's the key: It's great to get advice and listen to it. But always check in with yourself:  Are you giving up your power to someone else? Are you giving them the steering wheel of your life?nWhether you listen or not, it doesn't matter. It's how you're approaching the decision that does. Is it from a place of wisdom and owning your power……… or a place of weakness and letting someone else drive?

Listen. Listen with all your heart to others. But take what resonates and set aside what doesn't. Live for the sake of Allah in way that makes you happy.  When you face Allah, it will be only you. Start making decisions that you can be grateful for on that Day.

Wanna own a business? Be YOU for the sake of Allah (online and in person). You will create an impact and make money. TRUTH.

Those around us may judge us because of our homes aren't spotless, our kids aren't silent robots or insert other standard they have for us.  Don't follow their standard. When you do, you're saying: Here's my life, please drive.

So, in summary here's my three cents:

CENT 1: Don't listen to others. You'll figure it out.

CENT 2:  Listen to others if what they are saying resonates with you.

CENT 3: Always check in with yourself in the process and make dua.

Mix the 3 cents like a salad. Hmmm Salad. Now I've made myself hungry. I'm going to eat gluten-free cookies and chocolate. If you tell me how many calories are in that choice, I'm not going to listen. Tomorrow I might. But today, I'm not.

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