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This is from a sister who did a discovery call with me and did NOT hire me. I fully believe she and I will work together in the future. But Allah's timing is best and we both walked away with a beautiful connection. She loved our call so much, I asked if she'd share her experience.
Here's what she had to say
:::my heart = melting:::

Salaam Fatima,
Jazakillahu khairan katheera for such a heartsome and productive call! Really, I think Allah couldn’t have planned a more perfect time than yesterday. (Doesn’t He always though?)

As I’ve promised, here’s the testimony about our call yesterday. It’s a bit long but that’s because I loved our session :)
Here’s what I’ve learned from Fatima’s Discovery call:

“First of all, Fatima is such a lively, lovely person that even if we don’t see each other, I could feel her positive energy. She has her own way in trying to make you feel comfortable to share your personal struggles with her. It’s like talking to a close friend! It was such a long story how I finally secured a call with her but Allah knows the perfect timing for us to finally “meet”.

You may think that a coach will tell you what exactly you need to do in order to succeed.
But Fatima is different.

What I love about what she does is that she will help you to empower you. That means she will empower you to make things happen without you losing your sense of self and values. So, booking a discovery call with her was the best decision that I’ve made. It gave me the time to reflect on what I need to do with my business plan. Her wisdom was a breath of fresh air and her stories are so relatable.

This dicovery call was definitely productive and none one minute (or second!) went by without you discovering what you couldn’t figure out yourself. Just imagine what you would get if you’ll spend more time with her!

I am so glad that I’ve had the chance to talk to her and I am sure that you will too. To me, it was really amazing Masha Allah that she could understand my situation in under an hour and it reaffirmed me that she was not just a coach, but a genuine sister whose intention is to help others around her. The relationship that you will build with her in shaa Allah will not only be a business one but one based on the love for Allah, the ummah and those around you.

Alhamdulillah, I already feel a lot more reassured about where to go next and make things happen in shaa Allah.”
May this testimony benefits, in shaa Allah. :)

On a side note, do you mind if I talk about you in my blog? I am so inspired by what you do and would love that those who follow my blog get to know your service.

Until then, I’ll keep you and your family in my du’a.
— Syaza