Getting ready for our discovery call:

how to be ready Before our call:

1- Make dua (supplication) to Allah about this step.

When we take a step towards Allah, He comes to us at speed. Make dua. This is a step for Allah's sake to become a better Muslimah.

2- Line up all the things you need to get started.

Sometimes the reason our houses and lives aren't how we want them to be is simply because we are stuck in indecision or procrastination. We can't decide if we want to keep those clothes or sell them. We can't decide what to do with all the paper clutter we have. We want to spend but we say no to ourselves yet we easily spend that amount on other less important things. We say "later" and "someday" to ourselves a lot.  I'll take care of that "later". I'll start ________ "someday".

What happens? Later never comes and Someday keeps getting pushed until we are frustrated and exhausted.

Why is this important before our discovery call? Because when you come to the call, I want you to be prepared to say, "Yes I'm ready. I'm done with waiting for someday."

I am not attached to you hiring me. You will feel this in the call in sha'Allah. I truly believe my provision (rizk) comes from Allah. I believe Allah sends me clients who need my services and my income is already predetermined by Him.So come to the call ready to say yes for yourself. 

When doing that, you are breaking a cycle of indecisiveness. This is the first step of real change: Declaring you are ready and planning out how you will seek help. If you discover on the call we're not a good fit, that's great. May Allah send you someone who is. If I discover that you aren't a good fit for me, I'll let you know. But come ready so if you really want to hire me, you break the cycle of "someday". Please talk with your husband about paying for coaching. If you are paying through private funds (a lot of sisters do), please know how you will be paying for the sessions. Show up ready.

I have a coach I pay for. Here's how I view my investment in my coach: paying for coaching sessions is equivalent to spending money for the sake of Allah on my loved ones. When I am taking care of me, I am better able to take care of everyone else and be the Muslimah I want to be. 

My 1:1 coaching package is currently between $197-$250 an hour, 3 times a month for 3 months. Sometimes I have specials for new clients who have never experienced coaching. Other times, I offer specials to those who have done discovery calls with me. Don't let the money stop you from getting on the discovery call. Sisters who have done discovery calls with me get the first deals since I already know them. 

3- Another way to help you get ready is to know what coaching is.

Is it the same as therapy? What about consulting? It’s essential to know what distinguishes me as a coach. I have other valuable tools to bring to the table and may choose to weave in and out of coaching, teaching, consulting or other methods during our sessions. To maintain clarity, it’s important for us to distinguish what each one is.

What is Coaching? Coaching is an empowered partnership designed to guide clients to discover, clarify and achieve their personal and business goals. In this partnership, I lead clients through the process of self-discovery with thought-provoking tools and powerful questioning. Coaches see their clients as whole and relate to them as experts on their own lives. With this in mind, the coach and client collaboratively establish goals and create structures around commitments.

What is Consulting? Simply put, a consultant has more answers than questions. A consultant offers their expertise, advice, processes and information to solve their clients’ problems. Consultants often gather information on an issue or problem and implement the systems and processes to solve it for the client. In a consultant-client relationship, the consultant is often more responsible for the results than the client. Coaching, in contrast, requires more client initiative and involvement in creating the results they want.

What is Therapy? Essentially, therapy deals with identifying a patient’s dysfunctions, past issues and traumas with the ultimate goal of healing. In the therapist-patient relationship, the therapist has the answers and shares them with the patient in order to heal or resolve pain. In therapy, there is often a diagnosis and a plan to heal that is outlined by the therapist and implemented by the patient. In contrast to coaching, a therapist is highly focused on healing the past whereas a coach guides the client to create the future they desire and meets the client where they are now.

Coaching is what I will be focusing on primarily in our call. I rarely give answers. I ask questions that lead to answers you come up with based on your situation.

How to be ready at the time of our call:

Please call at your appointment time. I want us to both respect each others' time. In order to do this, please be on the call on time. I reserve the right to hop off the call at about 5 minutes after your scheduled time if I don't get an email that you are running late. To honor your time, I will not take longer than the agreed upon time unless I've asked your permission.

Another way we can both honor this time together is to give each other our full attention. Please have someone watching your kids. Please do not multi-task during our call. I also give you my full attention by doing the same.

Here's the call in info: (712) 451-0000 Access Code 850-432

If you are outside of USA and Canada, you can use my skype ID: fatimaalshameya

Please have a pen and paper handy for notes. And a cup of tea. Because yes to tea, always. Can't wait for us to talk!