Lifestyle, business + relationship coaching

(a.k.a permission to stop stressing and start becoming)

Fatima, you have an amazing gift. I always end a conversation with you with clarity & direction!
— Pam Perry

Fill out this form and let's do this. When you and I work together, we will build a plan. We'll figure out where you want to go. We'll create steps to get there. Time frames for things to be accomplished. Direct accountability from me. Worksheets. Journaling prompts. And so much more!

What comes out of our work together? A huge ripple effect. The power of One Muslimah who lives a life serving Allah in an amazing way. Not perfect (Super Muslimah doesn't exist.) But in a beautiful, inspiring, and real way.  One Muslimah who leaves the world better than she found it and serving Allah from a strengthened state. Ready for it?

When I’m stuck and tried everything, you help me get out of the rut, inspire me and help me move forward...every single time!
— Asma Yamak

How it works:

We start with a discovery call.

If we decide to go forward after the discovery call, my package includes the following:

-Nine (9) sessions total. 3 sessions per month for 3 months. My sessions are 50 minute sessions on the phone or Skype.  After our first session, we’ll create a plan based on your goal—and timeline. The sessions are 1-on-1 customized to your needs and your situation.

-Worksheets and journal prompts.

-A two (2) session exercise that narrows down your values and helps you see how they help you live at ease. 

- 1 (one) 15 minute spot coaching session a month, as needed.

-Recommendations of any tools, products or web resources I use.

How to get started: Click HERE to set a discovery call appointment.