Reap the Ramadan Rewards Program

We were on phone discussing scheduling her upcoming sessions in Ramadan, when my client said:

Please don't judge me. I'm ashamed to say it. I dread Ramadan as it approaches. I know I'm supposed to look forward to it but it's just so hard. So instead we spent the session digging deep on the emotions behind Ramadan for her.

We did some Ramadan planning. We discussed how can she enjoy Ramadan, meet her Ramadan goals, and walk out of Ramadan spiritually better than she walked in.

As a coach, I partner with you to make sure you serve Allah fully. Home. Time management. Ramadan. All of it. Each one is a link to the hereafter.

Here's my advice:

Stop spending Ramadan wishing you prepared better before Ramadan. Stop living in regret. Let's get started today. Let's do it in a way where you are laying the foundation for a wonderful Ramadan. A Ramadan where you reap the rewards in sha'Allah.

Don't let this Ramadan slip by too. The Reap the Ramadan Rewards Program was created for this purpose.

1 Ramadan. 1 program. 1 goal.

To walk out of Ramadan happy because you used this blessing to the best of your ability. Come join me. 


What is it?

A program that includes 2 private one on one calls, 2 group calls, worksheets, journal prompts, direct access to me through one on one AND group calls. It combines a mix of group atmosphere so you have community AND the privacy and customized support of one on one coaching.

What's in the package?

--Two (2) 1 on 1 coaching sessions. 60 min each. Just you and me. You schedule according to a time that fits you during Ramadan. You will have me right there like my private clients get with my 1 on 1 package (access to this alone costs $1,700 with a 3 month commitment). Done by phone or skype.

--Two (2)  Group coaching calls. (the structure for this call is: lesson, on spot coaching, Q&A). If you are outside the USA, no worries, you can use the web to call in and participate.

TIMES: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at Noon Central Standard Time.

And Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at Noon Central Standard Time. It's after Ramadan is over to keep the momentum for the next 11 months and set the foundation right for next Ramadan.

--Recording of the group calls if you can't make it live. The recordings will be deleted after 90 days out of privacy for you. You can share with comfort knowing the info won't stay out there forever. Or stay silent in the group calls and use the 1:1 sessions to fully share. Those are just you and me. Not recorded.

--Two (2) recorded mini lessons that no one has ever heard before.

--Journal prompts, worksheets, accountability, and doing it!

How much is it?

$197. This is how much it costs for ONE private session with me. You get the whole package for this price.

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Oh and that client at the beginning? Here's what she had to say:

"After my session with you, I felt energized, invigorated and ready to approach Ramadan with a new outlook. I'm much more able to take advantage of Ramadan. The physical difficulty that I was dreading is part of what makes the other things so special. I approach Ramadan so much differently."

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