Cost: Free

What to bring? Pen, Notebook, and a cup of Tea (because yes always to tea... unless you're fasting)

How? You call in using a telephone or click the web link. You'll get the phone number + code and web link after you sign up below.

What are they about? Different topics. Anything I think fellow sisters will benefit from. I will be speaking a bit then giving things to write down and reflect on while we are on the call. You can share or if you're shy, just listen and write. If an opportunity opens itself, we may do on the spot coaching. It'll be such fun!

When is it? Calls will be announced to my newsletter list so sign up below.

Will there be a recording? Maybe. Depends on the class and the topic being discussed. If there is, the recording will be available for 24hours only. However, this is not your typical lecture style class. There will be participation, digging deeper and such a better experience live. So please do your best to be live on the call.