Life + relationship + business coaching

(a.k.a someone to help you on your path to be happy, to Be in love, and to make money without exhaustion)

Before I started working with Fatima, I was so stressed out. My home was a disaster. I was constantly yelling at my kids. My marriage was on the brink of divorce. He’d blame me and I’d blame him. And I couldn’t leave him because my business was barely making any profit.

From our first session, I knew she had a gift. She has this way of making you feel comfortable. It was like she was reading my mind.

I can’t believe how far I’ve come in the past couple of months.
My husband and I are like newlyweds again, flirting, laughing and happy. I’m so patient with my kids now. Running my business feels easy. Friends comment on how different my home looks. And best of all, I’m a better Muslima, alhomdolillah. I feel closer to Allah in everything that I do.

Fatima, after all these sessions, I still don’t know how you do it, but please keep doing it. This world needs your work. JazakiAllah kheir
— K. Ahmed, wife, mama to 3, entrepreneur

Let's talk about the elephant in the room...If you're hesitant TO BOOK A SESSION because you're afraid of being pressured TO BUY. i feel you. that's not how i operate my business. please rEAD BELOW.

I run my business with this belief: "None of you truly believes until he (or she) loves for his brother (or sister) what he loves for himself." -The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) So I don't pressure you to buy or use marketing tactics that focus on making the sale. I won't contact you repeatedly or promise something I can't deliver...because I don't like these things happening to me.

Instead, here's how I work: I believe you will hire me if you think I can help + I will only work with you if I know I can help. And to figure that out, we have a conversation about it called a discovery call. My discovery call is a no obligation call where you tell me about your situation, I will listen to your goals and explain how I work with my clients. If we think it's a good fit, you'll pick a package that fits your needs and budget. If we aren't a good fit, you stay in touch through my newsletter and we stay online friends and sisters. #happyendings To book a discovery call, click here.

My sessions are judgement free zones. None of us is perfect. It's not about being perfect. It's about achieving success while honoring who you are. I help you see what skills you already have and use your strengths to help you get what you want. And also, coaching is not what a good friend does. Some of my best friends are my clients and pay for my services, because a trained coach listens differently than your friend does. We're listening and asking questions in a way that would be awkward if a friend did the same thing. I'm not here to be your friend (although all my clients are my homies). I'm here to help you grow and make sure you achieve your goals with Allah's will.

what's included in working with me:

You and I will build a plan with clear steps. It doesn't matter if it's saving your marriage, making money with your new business, or that you want to climb Mt. Everest. There are steps to every goal and we're gonna work together to get you there. We'll set time frames for tasks and deadlines. You'll have direct loving accountability from me to make sure things get done. I'll give you worksheets, journal prompts, homework and so much more.

All of my packages include the following:

- 1 on 1 sessions customized to your needs and situation, several sessions a month.

-Worksheets, journal prompts and work to do outside of our sessions.

-Recommendations of any books, tools, products or web resources I use.

Additional packages include:

- 2 (two) sessions values exercise that helps you discover your hidden and obvious values and shows you how to use your values to improve your life. Everyone's values are unique.

- 1 (one) 15 minute mini coaching session a month, if needed.

- Exclusive articles I've written just for my clients.


Investment is $600 or below (it may be less depending on the package you purchase —package prices differ because it depends on the length of time and any additional features added. You choose the one that's in your budget and meets your needs.) I also offer scholarships and periodic discounts so that money never stops any Muslimah from getting the help she needs.

Ready to get started? Click HERE to set a discovery call appointment; I can't wait to connect with you!

When I’m stuck and tried everything, you help me get out of the rut, inspire me and help me move forward...every single time!
— Asma Yamak, copywriter
...Fatima is different from other coaches. She will empower you to make things happen without you losing your sense of self. Booking a discovery call with her was the best decision that I’ve made. It gave me the time to reflect on what I need to do with my business plan. Her wisdom was a breath of fresh air and her stories are so relatable.

This dicovery call was definitely productive and none one minute (or second!) went by without you discovering what you couldn’t figure out yourself. was really amazing Masha Allah that she could understand my situation in under an hour and it reaffirmed me that she was not just a coach, but a genuine sister whose intention is to help others around her. The relationship that you will build with her in shaa Allah will not only be a business one but one based on the love for Allah...
— Syaza, blogger