(Not a Mama? Read on. I got your back too.)

Here it is sis, from the heart:

When your home is together, things feel just right. You have room to breathe, your husband is happy he has clean socks, and your kids have memories of an uncluttered home growing up. Memories of a mom who had time to play and isn't stressed out from all the housework.

Guests can come without us:

A- making an excuse of why we can't have them over.

B- having a 48 hour cleaning marathon until they arrive ::: secretly hoping they're late so we can finish one last thing:::

There's a better way. Trust me. Not because I was born with the organized gene. Because I'm learning all the skills, mindset and habits that didn't come naturally to me. I haven't "arrived" (we never truly do. It's a journey) but I'm tons better than when I started. You can be too.

Here's the thing: We as Muslimahs get good deeds from Allah for everything we do...including running our homes. But for some, there's more to it. The cluttered closets are suffocating. The time spent cleaning is unreasonable. Wasteful, really. We say we want to ___________ (fill in the blank with the latest goal. Memorize the Quran. Lose weight. Be productive) except who has time when piles of stuff cover every flat surface? And for several days, you're getting clothes from the clean laundry basket because you have yet to fold them and put them away.

This is when it's not about remembering the good deeds for our duties. It's about making a huge shift in how things are handled so we use the time and resources Allah gave us in the best way.

You'll get these emails from someone who has been there. Done that. Won't think you're a slob or a hoarder. And who understands that it's a learned process. A wonderful, hard, easy, (yes both) empowering process.

I'm a trained life coach (as in, I went to school to be a life coach. Not I'm a "I know how you should live your life" life coach). Education aside, it's my passion really. Helping sisters create the lives they want. Go for their dreams. All for the sake of Allah.

Home is where it all starts. When I coach clients, somehow the state of their home always comes in the mix. It's amazing the transformation that happens when our homes are in order. Not Pinterest perfect (real, human and beautiful).

You can do this too. This course is a great way to start.

So why FREE? Is it going to be all fluff so you can get me to buy something in the end?

Yes. No. Kinda. Read on.

First: I don't fluff. Except the pillows in my house. (sorry, I love pun.) My intention is for you to benefit from the emails in the course. They will have actionable steps sprinkled in so you can see results, in sha' Allah.

Second: I hope that after you take this free course you'll think of me fondly. With us meeting virtually, you have me in your toolbox if you want to work together. Either with my paid course, one-on-one coaching or both.

At the supermarket, I'm a lot more likely to buy a cake if I try it. You'll get a taste (pun again, ha!) of how I approach goals and my approach to creating a home you love.

Is it only for Mamas?

Every sister can benefit from the emails. I started learning about this topic way back when I was single. But a lot of information out there, doesn't take into account mom-life so it's customized so Mamas can apply this and finally get their homes together.

This course is currently closed. it went through the first round of sisters and was tons of fun. Want in? Get on my newsletter to be notified of next release date. (and get cool stuff in the meantime)