Six months 1 on 1 Private Coaching Package with Fatima

This package is for 18 private one on one coaching sessions over the course of 6 months.

Details of this package:

Three calls a month with accountability built into sessions (held by phone or Skype). Each call is 50 minutes in length.
First call is 90 minutes.
In between session action steps
Any worksheets, books, audios or articles that Fatima has written/recorded to aid the process.

Additional options for upgrade & can be purchased extra are text and touch base calls. If you’d like to add either one of these, please let Fatima know and she’ll discuss it at your initial 90 minute call.
Text or email support (if purchased extra. Note: having Fatima's phone does not automatically mean you have text support. This is something you purchase extra so she can support you through text message in times you may need her to coach you through text or offer a suggestion.)
15 minute touch base call once a month (if purchased extra)


$600 at checkout 1st payment