Good Ol' Fashioned Muslimah Support

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the others ache... I started this website because of this feeling that Prophet (saw) described. It hurts for me to think that there are sisters out there

:crying tears because of fights with their husband

:struggling to be good Muslimahs when they are being hit by hardship left and right

:fearing if their children are going to turn out OK because of the bad day (year?) they've had

:feeling empty and wondering if this is as good as it's going to get

:lost with how to be a great entrepreneur and balance everything else

:facing a problem that's breaking them down daily

"Each part gives support to the others." that feels so right. That we support one another. I've needed that support before. I will need it again. Find your sisters. The ones that support you when times are hard. They're out there....probably aching and needing you too.

I hope this website is a part of that support and gives you comfort when you need it.